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Neoprene O Rings - CR Rubber O-Rings

Neoprene Rubber - Chloroprene Rubber (CR)

Working Temperature Range : -20C to +120C

CR often known by the name neoprene,Neoprene Rubber O-Rings chief characteristic is flame retardency, excellent ageing properties in ozone and weather environments along with resistance to abrasion and flex faitigue. Neoprene Rubber O-Rings has good resistance to mineral oils with high aniline point, greases refrigerants and water.

Chemical Properties

Neoprene Rubber O-Rings gives satisfactory service in many media, including mineral lubricating oils and greases, silicone oils and greases, dilute acids and alkalis, and some solvents. Neoprene Rubber O-Rings are also largely unaffected by sunlight and atmospheric ageing.These general purpose elastomers are widely used for their chemical resistance and aging characteristics.