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Fluorosilicone O-Rings (FVMQ) | Fluorosilicone O Ring

Fluorosilicone Rubber

Working Temperature Range: -70C to + 170C

Fluorosilicone Rubber O-Rings are resistance to petroleum oils and hydrocarbon fuels in applications where the dry-heat resistance of silicone O-rings are required also used in fuel systems.Fluorosilicone Rubber O-Rings have relatively low tear strength, high friction and limited abrasion resistance,it is recommended for static applications only.

Chemical properties

Fluorosilicone Rubber O-Rings are resistant to diluted alkalies, diester oils, aliphatic and aromatic fluorocarbons, silicone oil, toluene, benzene, ozone and oxidative environments and not recommended for Brake fluids, ketones, hydrazine, adelhydes, amines, ketones , have Poor abrasion resistance