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HNBR O Ring | HNBR Rubber O-Rings

Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber - HNBR

Working Temperature Range: -40C to + 150C

HNBR Rubber O-Rings is suitable for high dynamic loads and has a good abrasion resistance.HNBR Rubber O-Rings are used in continuous applications which have exposure to fuels, oil and aggressive chemicals at high temperatures. HNBR Rubber O-Rings stay in resilience and its ability to retain its physical and mechanical properties. HNBR Rubber O-Rings exhibits good resistance to petroleum based oils have good compression set .

Chemical properties

HNBR Rubber O-Rings are resistance to aggressive chemicals, mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, animal and vegetable fats, diesel fuel, ozone, sour gas, dilute acids and bases.